Ebombo style
Our dynamic approach to connecting workers online will help your work environment
The way your workers meet influences the climate and culture of your company. Our platform allows you to have online experiences and virtual events to promote the productivity, engagement and fun of your workers.
We have created a straightforward tool that ensures an improved work environment
Virtual activities
Ways to interact
Virtual activities
Ebombo has more than 20 virtual activities so you can connect with your workers. We have integration dynamics, entertainment, onboarding, training for new workers, games, anniversaries, awards, ceremonies and much more.
Ebombo style
Training and Orientation
We help your workers have training to learn more technical issues in a fun way that allows for a high rate of engagement.
We offer virtual training activities for new workers, but in a fun way.
We have several well-known virtual activities with our own exciting twists such as 'Bingo, Hangman, Roulette, Trivia and more'.
Happy Hour
Bring your team together for a virtual happy hour and forget about the distance. Guaranteed fun with or without drinks, you decide.
Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Women's Day, Labor Day, LGTBI Community Day, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day and more, we have the best options.
Benefit plan
For each activity that is used, your workers will accumulate points and then they can redeem them for incredible prizes
Weather activities
Carry out activities for your team in a fun, authentic and innovative way.
We make awards to celebrate the achievements of your workers.
Icebreaker activities
We have many activities to strengthen the work environment in the company. Make fun dynamics to motivate your team and help your colleagues to understand each other better.
Connecting your team virtually doesn't have to be a challenge. We have built innovative activities with technology that bring people together anywhere, anytime and on any occasion.
Virtual events for the team with all the options
Access our complete game library including Trivia, Bingo, Trivia Wheel, Hangman, among many other activities
Organized or self-organized events
Easily organize events with us
Allow large teams to have a space for fun, entertainment and integration
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